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Index Monkey revolutionizes SEO by simplifying the indexing process, ensuring your content swiftly ranks on search engines. Say goodbye to indexing struggles and hello to increased organic traffic with our easy-to-use tool designed for both website owners and SEO agencies.

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75% of Websites Get Lost in the SEO Jungle

Indexing delays, complex SEO guidelines, manual submission... The list goes on.


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Embark on your online journey by launching your website. But what next?


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Enter the maze of SEO tasks, starting with submitting your site to Google. It's just the beginning.

Wait to be Found

Feel the frustration of waiting endlessly for search engines to notice your website among billions of others.

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Accelerate Your Website's Success with Index Monkey

In today's digital landscape, visibility is everything. Your website's ability to appear in search engine results directly impacts traffic, engagement, and ultimately, success. However, the process of getting your pages indexed by search engines like Google can be tedious, time-consuming, and often, a hit or miss.

Enter Index Monkey, your revolutionary SEO partner. With our cutting-edge technology, Index Monkey transforms the indexing process, making it faster, more efficient, and completely hassle-free. Whether you're a growing business, a dedicated blogger, or an SEO agency looking to streamline your operations, Index Monkey is designed to fit your needs.

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Rapid Indexing

  • Experience lightning-fast indexing turnaround
  • Instant visibility of your content in search results
  • Eliminate the hassle of waiting for indexing
  • Ensure your pages are promptly recognized by Google

With Index Monkey, say goodbye to the complexities of manual indexing and embrace a future where your website's visibility and SEO performance soar


Unlock Powerful Features and Boost Your Website's Performance!


Perfect for single websites




  • 1 website
  • 1 Worker Monkey
  • 200 Submission per Day
  • Daily Sitemap Auto-Sync


Ideal for small businesses with multiple websites




  • 5 Websites
  • 2 Worker Monkeys
  • 400 Submission per Day per Site
  • Daily Sitemap Auto-Sync
  • Daily Auto-Submission
  • Priority Support


Tailored for agencies managing unlimited websites




  • Unlimited Websites
  • 5 Worker Monkeys
  • 1000 Submission per Day per Site
  • Daily Sitemap Auto-Sync
  • Daily Auto-Submission
  • Priority Support


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Index Monkey is an innovative SEO tool designed to streamline the indexing process for website owners and SEO agencies. It helps ensure that your web pages are quickly recognized and ranked by search engines like Google, driving organic traffic to your site.
  • Index Monkey works by automating and optimizing the process of getting your web pages indexed by search engines. It submits your pages to search engine indexes, monitors their indexing status in real-time, and provides insights to help improve their performance in search results.
  • Index Monkey saves you time and effort by accelerating the indexing process, ensuring that your content gets seen by more people faster. By improving your website's visibility and SEO performance, Index Monkey helps attract more organic traffic and grow your online presence.
  • Yes! Index Monkey is suitable for businesses of all sizes, bloggers, and SEO agencies looking to boost their website's visibility and SEO performance. Whether you have a single website or manage multiple sites, Index Monkey can help streamline your indexing process.
  • Getting started with Index Monkey is easy! Simply sign up for an account on our website, choose the plan that best fits your needs, and follow the instructions to set up your account. Once you're signed up, you can start submitting your web pages for indexing right away.
  • Absolutely! Index Monkey is designed to complement your existing SEO tools and workflows. It integrates seamlessly with popular SEO tools and platforms, helping enhance your website's visibility and performance in search results.
  • Our pricing plans offer different levels of features and benefits to accommodate your needs. The Starter plan is perfect for single websites, while the Growth plan is ideal for businesses with multiple sites. The Agency plan is tailored for agencies managing unlimited websites.
  • Yes, Index Monkey is completely safe to use. We take the security and privacy of your data seriously and employ industry-standard security measures to protect your information.
  • Yes, you can cancel or upgrade your plan at any time. We offer flexible subscription options that allow you to manage your plan according to your needs.
  • Yes, we offer customer support to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. You can reach out to our support team via email, live chat, or by visiting our knowledge base for helpful resources and articles.