Blockchain investing made simple.

Automate your cryptocurrency investements with the data-driven portfolio bot for the long term.

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Blockchain investing made simple.

We let you automate your blockchain investements with data-driven investing strategies.

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IndexMonkey Dashboard Phone
IndexMonkey Dashboard Phone

Your cryptocurrency investing bot.


Diversify over the top 10, 20 or 30 performing cryptocurrencies.
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A smart algoritm that does the trading for you.
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We don't hold your funds, you own everything.
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Meet the Index Monkey investing software.

We want to make investing in the blockchain as simple as possible.


We use extensive secuirty measures such as Auth0, Sqreen, as well as encryption for your data.


With us you don't have to manage your investments all the time, we automate it all.


A data-driven investment strategy aimed at the long term, we evolve with the market.

IndexMonkey Dashboard Phone

Login, connect, personalize and go. That is how easy it is when software does the heavy lifting.


We don't hold your funds. You own everything on your personal exchange account.


Laptop, tablet or phone we support it all, you can always reach your account with ease.

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Imagine the future of blockchain

How does it work?

How does it work?

We don't predict the future, we follow the market. We do that through passive index investing. That is our strategy which has won from 19 out of 20 active funds over a decade. Diversified and aimed at the long term our software maintains the index.

We have done data analysis on index investing in the cryptocurrency market, read about our findings by clicking the button below.

Our customers love us

We care about our customers experience.

“Too distracted, busy or even disillusioned to trade? That's exactly why I started using index monkey and have been for months.”
“In the crypto-currency sector, there tends to be two types of services: those that promise unrealistic results and those that create value. IndexMonkey is the latter; it is an indispensable service based on the widely substantiated financial practice of portfolio rebalancing. Frankly, there is no better way for a crypto-currency investor to consistently outperform the market than utilizing this technology.”
"Index Monkey makes investing in cryptocurrency a breeze. While the markets seemed to be dead, the index proved otherwise. The index demonstrated low drawdowns and high returns over the last few months."
Tondy Duerger
“I just wanted to invest in the blockchain market. All the different coins confused me too much. I could never know which one will be the future. With indexmonkey I know that I always will have the next big thing since it automatically will be included when it enters the top 20 on coinmarketcap.”
Wessel Bouman