Frequent questions

Do you have some questions ? Find answers in our FAQ.

Are my funds safe?

We don't hold your funds, you own everything on your exchange account! We use extensive secuirty measures such as Auth0, Sqreen, as well as encryption to keep your API key safe.

What is an API key?

An API key gives us access to your exchange account. We only have permission to make trades that you approve, we can never withdraw funds!

Why is the service free?

We believe in building something with the feedback from users and what they value. We are already working on features that will be in a paid tier but everything that is free now will remain to be free, and if that changes we will always discuss it with the community first.

Can I get investment advice?

We do not give investment advice. You should choose to invest on your own terms, and within assets and projects you understand. Markets are very volatile, which offers opportunities for both short and long-term investment, but under no circumastances are return or results guaranteed.

Can I connect multiple exchange accounts?

At the moment we only support binance. If you have multiple binance accounts you could make multiple Indexmonkey accounts to connect them all.